Tenderloin on the BGE

My parents came over last night with this beautiful cut of beef and ended up being so delicious. I used the Reverse-Sear method of cooking which is pretty simple:

• Season with olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic.

• Grill temp to 200°.

• Cook until your thermometer reads 10°-15°F below the desired serving temperature. I pulled it at 120° because I like a medium steak.

• Put it in aluminum foil while you increase your grill temp to 450°.

• Place the meat back, flipping once, until the internal temp reaches 130° for Medium doneness.

• Tent in foil and let it sit. The internal temp will rise another 5°-10°.

Rare: 125°

Medium-Rare: 130°

Medium: 140°

Medium-Well: 150°

Well-Done: 160°


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