Tartine Bakery

Tartine quiche and crossaintIs there much better in this life than a house-made warm chocolate croissant, a delicious savory quiche, fresh squeezed orange juice, and great hot coffee? We think not!

We’ve been to Tartine Bakery in San Francisco several times over the years, standing in line outside the little shop for up to an hour, and each time we go we’re surprised that it’s as good as we remember.

Tartine Bakery opened in 2002 by Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson, a husband and wife duo with a commitment to openness, balance, and excellence and you can taste that commitment in every bite!

Tartine crossaint open

Tartine full table

Their process of bread making is both ancient and intuitive. They ask the question, “What if old ideas about grain could be uprooted so that new notions about nutrition could take hold?” “Each day is a new practice,” their website says. “A baker reads the weather, the flour, the levain, yesterday’s baked bread before starting to mix. A complex balance of yeast, bacteria, time, temperature, moisture, and fermentation acts on the simplest of ingredients; flour water and salt, to create one of humankind’s most elemental foods. It is craft, science, art, and philosophy.”

Tartine crossaint top

Tartine Faith

Tartine Faith and Rachel

Tartine magazine cover

As you can see from the last picture, I think its my happy place 😊

You MUST check it out on your next visit to San Francisco.

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